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This is the reason most pregnant women choose cesarean section

Caesarean section is usually the procedure chosen by the doctor if the pregnant woman cannot undergo a normal delivery. However, there are also some pregnant women who deliberately choose cesarean section for labor with a variety of reasons. Generally, doctors recommend pregnant women to undergo a cesarean section. This happens if normal labor can be more dangerous for pregnant women, or when the baby is in a breech position. Reasons Pregnant Women Choose Caesar Cesarean section is actually no safer than a normal delivery. But besides medical reasons, there are various reasons pregnant women prefer cesarean section than normal labor. Among them: Feel more comfortable with the certainty of time Some pregnant women feel more comfortable choosing a caesarean for delivery because of the scheduled time. They feel calmer can control the time of birth of a baby than anxiously awaiting normal delivery time. This time certainty makes it easier for them to arrange maternity leave and
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Pregnant Mother, This Must Be Done When Experiencing Food Poisoning

Food poisoning in pregnant women requires prompt and appropriate handling. Besides being able to interfere with maternal health, food poisoning is also dangerous for the unborn child. So as not to take a wrong step, consider some of the following ways, to overcome the poisoning that Bumil needs to know. Food poisoning during pregnancy often results from pregnant women consuming food or drinks contaminated with Salmonella, E.coli, or Listeria bacteria. This condition is generally characterized by headaches, stomach aches, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. How to Overcome Food Poisoning during Pregnancy If not treated properly, food poisoning during pregnancy can cause a variety of dangerous conditions, such as dehydration, fetal disorders, and even miscarriages. To prevent health problems in pregnant women due to food poisoning, consider the following steps: Consult a doctor The first thing you can do if you experience symptoms of food poisoning is to consult a doctor. Doctors ca

Regarding Hungry Busung Disease, Causes and Treatment

Hunger edema is a condition that is included in the category of malnutrition or malnutrition, in which the body is malnourished for a long time. This condition makes a person prone to severe infections and suffer from various diseases that can lead to death. Hungry edema is a layman's term to describe two forms of malnutrition, namely kwashiorkor and marasmus. Malnutrition occurs when the body experiences a lack of essential nutrients, which includes carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. Kwashiorkor is a condition when the body lacks protein, whereas marasmus occurs when the body lacks energy and protein. Both are included in the category of energy-protein malnutrition. In patients with malnutrition, kwashiorkor and marasmus conditions can occur together (kwasiorkor marasmus conditions). Risk Factors for Hunger Busung Occurrence Hunger edema can be caused by several things. Among others are: Starving Food shortages. Live in poverty. Not given breast milk.